Fast & Easy Loans

When your paycheck is a little too far away, a small dollar loan could be your solution. Visit one of our branches and get up to $300!

Fast funding

Once approved, you will typically receive your funds instantly

Easy to get

Low or no credit check requirements

What is a short-term loan?

Short-term loans are small cash allowances designed to tide you over until your next payday. These cash loans are typically approved on the day that you apply and are repaid in manageable installments with fixed interest rates.

quick solution

We started offering short-term loans to provide access to a quick solution for those who need emergency cash.

Extra cash

A short-term loan is a quick and convenient way to get the extra cash you need right away, allowing you to ease your financial stress without having to wait around for your next paycheck.

Get an Express Payday Loan for Bad Credit

Do you currently live in California and need a small-dollar loan? Are you short on cash? Express Payday Loans is here to assist you and get the loan you need!

How to apply for a loan

Working with Express Payday Loans is so easy! Begin your cash advances journey today!

Walk into our Branch

we are open 6 days a week

Get Approved

Get fast approval with the customer service you deserve

Get Your Cash

Cash in hand or in your bank account

Apply for a loan today

If you’re looking for a short-term loan, we are here to help.

Services available

Shorter repayment time

Short-term loans are repayable over a shorter period of time than bank loans, which are often repayable over a number of years. These loans are usually repayable in the next payday.

Loans for poor credit

A bad credit score isn’t necessarily a deal breaker when it comes to getting a short-term loan.

Simplified borrowing criteria

Banks, on the other hand, will usually have stringent borrowing criteria, which means bank loans are reserved for those with excellent credit scores

What are the benefits of short-term loans?

Simple process

Easy and quick application

Not strict criteria

Less strict lending criteria compared to other loans

Сredit rating

These loans are often available to people with less than perfect credit score

Fast cash

Unlike traditional loans, short-term loans are much faster and you can usually get the money intstantly.

Applying for a loan can help you get the money you need to deal with an unplanned expense when there’s still a while until payday, helping you to get back on your financial feet.

Get Payday Loans for Bad Credit with Express Payday Loans

With so many different short-term lenders for consumers in California to choose from, it can be difficult finding the right option for you. At Express Payday Loans, we are able to provide our loans directly, without the need for a broker, and our application process is simple and straightforward. Visit us today and see for yourself!

Visit One Of Our Branches Today

If you’re looking for a small dollar loan, we are here to help.
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